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Parking Areas

Listed below are parking areas available to the public, some locations are metered and some areas provide free parking.  For a convenient way to pay for metered parking the City of Deadwood utilizes the services of Passport Parking. Below is a link to the website or you can find the app in your app store.

  • Railroad Street Parking Lot: Vehicle and Charter Bus parking located near Deadwood’s Downtown, lot is controlled by automated pay station which takes quarters and or credit/debit cards  38 Total spaces with 5 Bus Spaces.
  • Welcome Center Parking Lot: Vehicle, motorcycle, RV, and Bus parking available at the North end of Deadwood. The Deadwood Welcome Center offers all the information you will need during your visit to Deadwood.   From this point you can also catch a trolley ride for a dollar to anywhere in Deadwood. (Free) 219 Total spaces with 7 Bus Spaces.
  • Deadwood Event Complex Parking Lot: For some convenient remote parking, utilize the Event Complex Parking Lot which is accessible to tractor-trailer, bus, vehicle, motorcycle, or RV parking with public transit available for a dollar. Periodically the City hosts events in the Event Complex and parking may not be available, signage will be posted at the entrance to the parking lot if an event is scheduled. (Free) 339 Total Spaces with multiple bus or truck and trailer spaces.
  • History and Information Center Parking Lot: Located in the heart of Deadwood and only one block from Historic Main Street, this parking lot is accommodating to vehicles and motorcycles only.  Several twenty minute parking spaces (Free) allow visitors to stop briefly to gather information about Deadwood in the Historic Railroad Depot located adjacent the parking lot. Parking lot is controlled by automated pay station which takes quarters and/or credit/debit cards – 85 Total Spaces for vehicles and motorcycles.
  • Miller Street parking Lot: This parking lot is accessible from Sherman Street near the Deadwood Recreation and Aquatic Center, Pine Street, or Lee Street. Much of the parking is controlled by automated pay station, that take quarters and/or credit/debit cards for the public along with leased parking and dedicated parking for the Recreation and Aquatics Center. 103 Total Spaces for vehicles and motorcycles.
  • Main Street Parking Garage:  Deadwood offers secure covered parking for vehicles and motorcycles downtown less than a block off of Main Street in the Main Street Parking Garage. The facility is a metered parking garage controlled by automated pay stations when you exit the garage; forms of payment include quarters or credit/debit cards. 411 Total Spaces for vehicles and motorcycles.  This facility is a low profile garage with a maximum height of 7ft. 2in.  In addition, it can be difficult to navigate extremely long pick-ups through the garage especially during busy times.
  • Upper Main Street Parking: The West end of Historic Main Street offers some metered parking on Main Street, and adjacent to the Deadwood Fire Department. When school is in session many of the parking spaces in this area are occupied by school staff. (Metered Parking) 105 Total Spaces for vehicles and motorcycles.
  • South Gateway Trail Access Parking Lot: Looking for some outdoor recreation? The Mickelson Trail which offers 109 miles of non-motorized trail starts in Deadwood and this parking lot located at the south end of Deadwood on Highway 85 is dedicated parking for trail users. (Free) 21 Spaces for vehicles and motorcycles, four spaces are available for RV parking.  Public Restrooms, picnic areas, and information about Deadwood are available at this location.
  • Sherman Street Parking Lot: Convenient parking to access Deadwood’s Historic Downtown or the Mickelson Trail. Public Transportation for a dollar, Trail information, picnic areas, access to Whitewood Creek, and walking distance to downtown are some of the amenities associated with this parking lot. (Free) 280 Spaces for vehicles, motorcycles, RV, and trailer parking.
  • Mount Moriah Cemetery Parking Lot: One of Deadwood’s biggest attractions is the Mount Moriah Cemetery and parking is available on-site. RV’s and busses are not allowed to drive to the Cemetery due to the grade of the road leading to and from the cemetery. Public restrooms are available seasonally along with a staffed information booth. (Free) 61 Spaces
  • Remote Parking: Periodically throughout the year Deadwood hosts large events which require additional overflow parking areas.  Information regarding overflow parking areas can be provided by the Deadwood Area Chamber of Commerce at (605)578-1876.
  • City Hall Parking: Deadwood City Hall has 52 parking spaces available for customers doing business with the City of Deadwood or Lawrence County and for employees of the City during business hours.  This parking is available after hours and on weekends to the public.

In addition to the parking areas above the City provides parking on streets downtown which are controlled by automated pay stations that take quarters and/or debit/credit cards.  Please refrain from parking in residential neighborhoods when visiting Deadwood. The City of Deadwood understands parking fees are not ideal when visiting a community, however providing quality parking, transportation, and police protection is very costly which requires revenue generated from parking fees. Thank you for visiting our community and we hope you have enjoyed your stay with us.