Outlaw Square Rental

When Outlaw Square is not being used for internally-produced events, the space is available for the use of the general public. 

  • Events can be for exclusive or non-exclusive use of the plaza. 
  • Use of the square is subject to Outlaw Square venue rules and regulations. 
  • Scheduling is subject to venue availability and considerations of annual events and recurring series.
  • Events are only authorized upon official approval and issuance of a reservation.  

How to Use Outlaw Square for Your Event

  • Gatherings of fewer than 20 people and no production requirements may be scheduled for the gazebo and/or multi-use space without a formal application process. 
  • Events with more than 20 people or any event that has production elements require a rental application.

For rental application, space availability, costs, and additional information, please call (605) 578-1876 or e-mail us at [email protected].