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The History, Entertainment and Activity Hub on Deadwood’s Main Street

Deadwood’s old City Hall once stood here. So did a turn-of-the-century theatre, along with a host of others. This site, across historic Main Street from the Franklin Hotel is an urban space with great potential. Here, panoramic views unite the town and its natural environment; and here, the various parts of the city – commercial, civic, historical, spiritual, and neighborhood life – all intersect. It is fitting, then, that this unique site becomes a community space, a place for locals to gather and enjoy events such as live music, festivals, and community celebrations.

This common space celebrates the atmosphere and environment of Deadwood Gulch. The largest feature is multiuse greenspace, surfaced with grass or turf for convertibility and maintenance. This multi-use open space is designed for both unstructured use and for gatherings, including ice skating (year-round possibilities), concerts, reenactments, outdoor markets, art shows – the list truly is endless.

More than 200 days of programming are set to take place at the new Outlaw Square. This is going to be a must-visit location for Deadwood and area residents along with the 2.5 million-plus visitors that come to visit Deadwood each year.

Outlaw Square will be noted as Deadwood’s public gathering space, but it will also be recognized as a premier outdoor entertainment venue that can accommodate and showcase a diverse range of events becoming destinations for Deadwood as well as the entire region.

And to truly make Outlaw Square the best it can be, we need partners, friends and supporters. We have opportunities for businesses to be partners from the get-go, opportunities that will promote your brand business to the masses.

Deadwood Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Deadwood Chamber of Commerce has been in operation for decades, and will be leading the programming and administration efforts of the new Outlaw Square.

About 30 years ago the functionality of a convention and visitors bureau was combined with the COC. Today this 501 c 6, located in a town of just 1,200 permanent residents, welcomes an estimated 2.5 million-plus visitors a year. Compared to any other DMO with similar annual visitation, the Deadwood COC & CVB’s overhead is exceptionally low. Nearly all funding sources are channeled into a singular goal: increased visitation.

Deadwood COC & CVB serves as the sole destination marketing organization for Deadwood and looks forward to adding Outlaw Square to its arsenal.

How do i get involved?

We are looking for business champions; partners that will play a role in the success of Outlaw Square. In exchange, we’ll get your message out to the millions of visitors that have deadwood on their itineraries.